Multi-span Steel Structure Building-Nicaragua Coffee Factory


Project time: 2017 Project location: Nicaragua Project […]

Project time: 2017

Project location: Nicaragua

Project scale: 4600㎡

Product type: Steel structure

Project use: food production plant

Project features: multi-span steel structure, high requirements for waterproof

When customers of this project contacted us, they hoped that PTH could provide a design plan for a coffee factory. As a food production plant, the coffee factory should be different from the traditional industrial production workshop in appearance. Therefore, the project is simple, elegant and modern. The overall shape is "U" shape, multi-span structure.

As a coffee factory, customers pay special attention to the waterproofness of buildings, and have higher requirements on the waterproofing of the joints. Therefore, we have made special treatments on the edges of the buildings to make the waterproof performance meet the requirements of customers.

There are many equipments in the internal coffee manufacturing plant, and it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the equipment and the pillars and walls. In order to ensure the convenience of internal transportation, we have carried out special treatments on the structure. Make adjustments accordingly.

PTH's design drawings are designed according to customer needs and local building codes. After obtaining the local government's permission, they can finally continue to deepen the design after passing the local government's review. PTH deepening division adopts Tekla and FRAMECAD Structure deepening design software. Before deepening the design, you need to check whether the technical information of the design drawing meets the technical requirements of the deepening design, and then carry out the deepening design and production according to the final design drawing. When deepening the design, we must ensure that the product assembly size deviation standards, welding quality technical requirements, structural connection nodes, product anti-corrosion processes, etc. meet the design technical specifications.

PTH has hundreds of fully automated mechanized production lines, which can be combined with efficient production arrangements to provide a strong guarantee for timely delivery of customer orders. During the product manufacturing process, PTH can provide customers with production progress reports in the form of pictures and videos.

PTH has a professional quality inspection team. Every product process will undergo strict quality inspection, and products that do not meet the quality standards will never be shipped.

PTH formulates a product process inspection mechanism. IPQC avoids the production of mass quality accidents based on the product quality and technical requirements of the order, and conducts irregular inspections every working day. The PTH production department has also set up a product process quality inspection mechanism, and any product can be entered before the next process is confirmed.

PTH designs reasonable packaging solutions based on product structure characteristics / customer quality requirements. The steel structure parts are divided into 10 40-foot high cabinet loading trucks. Customers worry that the goods will be damaged during transportation. Therefore, PTH adopts the unitized design of parts when packing, which effectively reduces the product packaging volume. The components are in separate small packages, and multiple small packages are combined into an overall package that is easy to transport and install. And because of the overall packaging, it is easy to load and unload, reducing labor costs.

PTH will provide complete and detailed installation drawings for the products. We have professional photographers and post personnel who can provide installation videos for the products and intuitively display the installation steps and installation details of the products.

PTH has on-site installation guidance experience for dozens of projects such as Mozambique Light Steel Villa Resort, Chile Container Camp, etc. It can provide EPC construction services and technical guidance according to customer needs to ensure the smooth and safe construction of the houses required by customers to achieve real "Check in with a bag".