Modular Building System has Complete Energy-Saving Energy Storage Technology


The production method of the villa housing industry in […]

The production method of the villa housing industry in my country is undergoing a revolution from "building houses" to "making houses". The industrialized production characteristics of the modular house system provide an effective carrier for this revolution. Government departments are also vigorously promoting the development of the construction industry in the direction of industrialization and industrialization. Modular houses have become more and more important for their highly industrialized production methods, efficient on-site installation levels, excellent use performance, and healthy home product concepts. People accepted.

The modular building system has complete energy-saving energy storage technology, and the energy-saving effect can reach more than 75%. At present, the daily energy consumption of residential buildings in my country is three times that of developed countries under the same climatic conditions. The thermal performance of residential envelopes in most heating areas in my country is much worse than that of developed countries with similar climates. The heat transfer coefficient of external walls is the same. 3.5 to 4 times, 2 to 3 times for exterior windows, 3 to 6 times for roofs, and 3 to 6 times for air permeability of doors and windows.

The modular building wall adopts environmentally friendly and renewable materials, which is conducive to environmental protection. At present, the structure system of multi-storey residential buildings in my country is mainly masonry structure and concrete frame structure. Portland cement materials are widely used. Silicate materials are non-renewable resources, and after the building is disintegrated, it will become waste that is difficult to recycle. It causes great damage to the environment. In addition to the concrete structure for the foundation and core tube, the modular building uses environmentally friendly and renewable materials, which greatly reduces the use of concrete.

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