Light Steel Structure Houses Are In Line With Sustainable Development Strategies


As a new construction method, light gauge steel structu […]

As a new construction method, light gauge steel structure houses have successfully attracted a lot of attention with their many advantages such as "energy saving and environmental protection", "comfortable and fast", "earthquake resistance and wind resistance". With the deepening of the popularity of light steel structure houses in China, many people began to shift their doubts from quality to cost. The following analyzes the comparison between the light steel structure house and the steel-concrete structure house from the three elements of the cost composition of the light steel house.

As far as housing is concerned, the function is the main criterion for distinguishing a housing product from another housing product. It is the essential thing that is manifested in a certain physical form of the housing product, that is, the applicability and the applicability of the housing product. Safety, economy, environment, etc.

Applicability includes: barrier-free facilities, building decoration, ventilation, daylighting, indoor sound insulation, earthquake resistance, thermal insulation, residential remodeling, equipment and facilities configuration, residential plane and space layout.

Safety includes: the hazards of toxic and hazardous substances, daily safety and preventive measures, the safety of gas electrical equipment, the safety of building fire protection, and the safety of building structures;

Economy includes: saving materials, saving water, saving land, and saving energy;

Environmental includes: public service facilities, environmental sanitation and outdoor noise, architectural modeling, green space and environmental layout, intelligent systems, residential land and planning.

The cost of construction refers to the life cycle cost, that is, the total cost of the product during its life.

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that although the current cost of light steel structure house is slightly higher, it has the incomparable advantages of a traditional residential structure, conforms to the sustainable development strategy, and more importantly, its cost performance is significantly higher than that of traditional residential buildings.

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