It May be An Effective Way to Solve The Housing Problem of Low-income People in The Future


"In the case of tight supply of affordable housing or s […]

"In the case of tight supply of affordable housing or strict restrictions on buyers, the development of' container housing' may be an effective way to solve the housing problem of low-income people in the future." Famous real estate marketing planning expert Xie Yifeng thinks. He said that although it is impossible for China to implement the policy of "container houses" in the short term, at least "container houses" can be implemented in some cities or individual cities on a "pilot" basis, with appropriate liberalization. After the time and conditions are ripe, they can be implemented, distributed and widely promoted throughout the country.

He believes that "container houses" have low costs, meet some market demands, and can also reduce people's anger towards society due to high house prices. To solve the housing problem of people who cannot afford housing due to high housing prices or low economic income, as well as some floating population living on the edge of the city. Finally, to a certain extent, it can restrain the phenomenon of house price rising too fast. In his view, "the government should seriously consider this major issue related to people's livelihood."

As a matter of fact, his suggestion has attracted the attention of some officials earlier. He believes that the emergence of container houses has provided conditions for the rapid construction of a batch of affordable housing for various special groups. Container houses can mainly meet the needs of low-cost housing for low-income families in cities, rental housing for migrant workers, transitional housing for newly graduated college students, transitional housing for relocated families, and housing for mobile military camps.

At present, the recycling of containers is still in its infancy in our country, and the construction of container houses is a new industry. We should increase publicity efforts, improve social recognition, incorporate the construction of container houses into the unified planning of residential construction, and formulate preferential policies to promote the rapid development of container house construction.

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