Information about The Temporary Building Flat Pack Containers House


Today we will introduce a PTH flat pack container house […]

Today we will introduce a PTH flat pack container house.

Product Details

1. Product detailed parameters:

Size: 5.85*2.25*2.5m


Plate color: white gray

Steel frame color: optional

Indoor configuration: toilet, wash basin, urinal, shower head, cabinet

Circuit: LED light, socket, switch, distribution box, industrial plug and socket, exhaust fan (optional)

Waterway: Prefabricated waterway, located under the floor

Loading: 20 feet full package, 40HC can hold 2 sets; 20 feet bulk, 40HC can hold 6 sets

2. Product introduction:

The packaged container house can be used only by connecting the external power supply and the waterway to the packaged delivery box; the bulk delivery can be assembled by 4 people in 1 day, which is convenient, simple and fast.

3. Product advantages:

1) Mobile 2) Convenient installation 3) Convenient and labor-saving 4) Economical and applicable 5) Multiple projects can be recycled.

PTH flat pack container house adopts welded integrated frame with PU foaming insulated roof and all-welded integrated chassis. Based on traditional container, its profile material, drainage system and power system have great advantage, which lower the installation difficulty and save installation time.

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