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You Can Also Have This Fabulous Villa

25 Apr, 2023

The cost of this villa even cheaper than brick houses



Villa, is it a symbol of the noble life in your opinion? They used to look like this:


And interior decoration looks like this:



In the past, the villa is the representative of luxury life. But nowadays, with the emergence of a variety of new building materials, the villa is no longer a synonym for luxury. Especially, light steel villas enhance the overall performance of villa greatly. It not only has a good look but also earthquake proof. It can be said that light steel villas will become the first choice for rural housing construction in next few years.



The villa steel with light wall and large space is able to cope with a variety of complex geographical environment. At the same time, light steel villa is produced in the factory and can greatly reduce the construction time. The performance of light steel villas are more excellent than traditional houses in aspects of the appearance, safety, cost-effective.





Then the problem comes. What about the price? which is the most important that consumers concerned.

For example,how much dose the villa cost for building a 200m² house?




High-quality brick structure with ordinary external wall decoration, generally cost about 1000 RMB/m². That is to say the total price is around 200,000 RMB on average. As to the internal decoration, it costs about 100,000 RMB on average. The total cost is 300,000RMB, 200,000 RMB for the main structure and 100,000 RMB for decoration (Is this level at your village?)




The cost of steel villa ranges between 1500 RMB and 4500 RMB /m². For example,a villa with 200m² will cost 400,000 RMB at the price of 2000RMB /m², and 80,000 RMB for decoration.





Finally, PTH has a soft advice for you. If it is outsourced, don’t bargain too much when you cooperate with a construction team. The price less than 800 RMB/m² of brick structure will affect the quality of the project while less than 1200 RMB/m² of steel villa. After all, there is no one willing to do the job if there is not any profit.

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