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Why Commercial Real Estate Investors Choose Prefab Steel Buildings

25 Apr, 2023

Here in the United States, there are only a few construction materials that are locally available. However, local supplies cannot always meet the demand of local construction. So, how can we continue to grow at a healthy and sustainable rate?

Prefab steel house offer advantages over traditional building materials such as fast construction, flexible design, and reusable resources.

1.Fast Construction:

Fabrication of steel buildings is done off-site and delivered to your job site. Once delivered, contractors and erectors begin the assembly process with all the different steel members bolted together. As a result, businesses can start operations faster which will help them see a return on their investment sooner than with traditional construction.

2.Flexible Design:

One benefit of steel buildings is that they can be easily changed or extended based on what the future needs are. Affording owners, the ability to expand and grow without having to rebuild or move. Additionally, you can sell to a different organization, who would then want to change the building.

3.Renewable Resource:

With the focus now on sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, steel provides the perfect green solution. Steel can be reused many times without the risk of losing either the quality or the strength. According to the MBMA, Structural steel keeps an extremely high overall recycle rate which, in 2014, stood at 98%. Steel scrap is an essential and valuable raw material in making new metal buildings. The North American steel industry has recycled more than a billion tons of steel since 1988.

4.Fire protection:

Steel buildings are constructed wholly out of steel. Unlike wooden structures, which are made of combustible materials. The International Building Code (IBC) recognizes that steel construction is non-combustible. Understand that this designation does not mean that metal buildings are exempt from all fire protection requirements, the code identifies significant advantages for using non-combustible construction compared to wood-framed components.

Prefab Steel Structures Provide a Faster, Higher Return On Investment

Steel is the ideal building material for commercial buildings of virtually every industry, providing a non-combustible material that is mold, mildew, pest, and severe weather resistant. However, when it comes to the overall cost of investing in steel structures, it helps to start at the beginning.

Prefabricated steel buildings have a significantly lower initial cash requirement than alternative materials, such as tilt-wall concrete. With lowered initial costs, you’re free to move ahead in the construction process with ease. Metal buildings are custom engineered to fit your exact needs. Components and structural members are manufactured and delivered from the source, making our steel buildings your most sustainable and cost-efficient solution for commercial real estate.

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