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What is Detachable Container House?

What is Detachable Container House? A detachable container house is made of a steel frame and can be assembled either horizontally or vertically. It is available in two and three-storey designs. They can be easily transported from one site to another and will not harm the local environment. In addition, detachable container houses can be easily transported to the next site. They have fire-proof sandwich panels as the main structure. Their insulation is customizable according to the individual's needs.

Flat-pack container house

A detachable container home has the same benefits of a traditional flat-pack container house but is designed for easy transport and assembly. These houses are made from hot-dip galvanized steel and are extremely strong, offering excellent bending and compression resistance. They can be shipped as an LCL, 40ft or 20GP container, and can be painted any color that you desire. The inside of the container house can be decorated to suit your style and preferences.

The difference between a detachable container home and a flat-pack container house is in the process. While a detachable container house is assembled after receiving it, a flat-pack container house is easier to assemble. This type of house includes the floor and roof, which can be installed without the help of a crane. Additionally, you don't need to worry about hoisting the containers onto the foundation.
A detachable container house has all the benefits of a flat-pack container house, with a few notable exceptions. A detachable container house can be combined horizontally to create a large open space, and the materials for the walls and roof can be separate, allowing for a greater loading volume. One 40-HQ container house can load 13 sets, while a flat-pack container house can only carry six. A detachable container house can be as big as 6000x3000x2800mm, stacked to three stores, and can be decorated on the inside.
A detachable container house is often referred to as a modular house because it can be erected and disassembled in just a few hours. This unique construction method offers many advantages, including the ability to erect and disassemble buildings without the need for welding. And because the walls of detachable container houses are made of steel, they are strong and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for temporary construction. A detachable container house can be transported and installed in minutes, and the units can be exchanged for a variety of functions.

Eco-friendly house

A detachable container house can be constructed quickly and easily. The frames are made of hot-dip galvanized steel with a good resistance to bending and compression. The houses can have up to three floors and are easy to transport to new sites. The main structure is a steel frame with fireproof sandwich panel walls. The interior is made of double-sided color steel plate with a middle insulation layer.

The construction of these houses reduces the amount of waste generated during the construction process. Shipping containers are recycled and reused, saving energy and materials that would otherwise be thrown away. They also meet the building codes for areas prone to natural disasters, making them an eco-friendly choice for people in areas like California and Miami. Termites don't like steel, so they are not a concern.

Transportable house

A Transportable container house is built using two metal containers stacked on top of each other. The construction can be painted any color, and the entire structure is made to look as though it defies the laws of physics. It is easy to move from one port to the next, and the transportable container house is lightweight, too. It costs between $250 and $300 to build. It can be transported to a variety of locations, including farms and islands.
While the traditional house is large, a Transportable container house is small enough to fit inside a regular vehicle. In contrast, a conventional house would take almost twice as long to build. The container can be painted with special paint to withstand rainy weather and can withstand wind speeds of 175 mph. If you're looking to live off-grid in Costa Rica, a Transportable container house is the way to go.