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What Are The Waterproof Measures for Light Steel Villas?

The waterproof performance of houses has always been an important criterion for testing the quality of houses. So, what are the waterproof measures for light steel villas? 1. Apply evenly on all corners, and the dosage is 0.3KG/㎡ after the base layer is diluted. Note that each corner should be repeated several times. After the smear layer is dried, use a round wooden stick to pave the non-woven fabric (60-80 grams) and apply it immediately. 2. Level the ground for basic treatment. Make flat, uneven, and cracked areas, and perform plugging treatment to make them smooth, firm, clean and free of leakage. 3. To pre-treat both sides of the bottom of the gutter, joints, and bites, you need to use polyurethane sealant to fill the gaps and smooth them with paint. Make the edge arc smooth and smooth without water accumulation. 4. The sinkhole in the gutter should also be bitten and compacted and filled. Note that the drain can't be high, or the water must be treated before the overall construction operation. 5. After the paint is mixed in a ratio of 1:2, it should be fully stirred evenly. The thickness of the coating film is generally 2.5MM, and the coating is divided into 5 times. The amount of each layer should be less than 0.6kg/m2. 6. After one night in the fifth step, the scraping operation can be carried out. Scrape with a squeegee according to the design requirements of the waterproof layer. PTH Light steel villa is manufactured by Stud Mill which combined Frame CAD software with Heyes' roll forming technology., which is the state-of-the-art fully automatic production line with tolerance to 0.5 mm. Frame CAD from New Zealand, automatic bending, cutting, punching, accuracy ±0.5mm. G550-AZ150 steel, all aluminizing zinc treatment. If you want to know more, please contact us: economical prefab house.