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The Design of Container Houses Should Consider Practicality

25 Apr, 2023

The design of containers should consider practicality. Considering the particularity of expandable container houses, containers can be divided into three categories from the point of use.

1. Transport containers. These pure iron-sheet houses were originally used for loading goods at docks or ports.

2. The predecessor of the container house is the simple movable plank house that we often see on the construction site, most of which is used for the accommodation of workers.

3. Now we use tin or stainless steel and colored steel sandwich panels to build container mobile houses in Tiandi. Such houses can be used for accommodation, office, storage, military camps, various grocery stores, and can also be stacked to design villas with different shapes. The appearance can also be changed, and you can have whatever you want.

Then we can discuss how to design a container house around the three-level development of the container house.

It is usually used to accommodate more people, so the first thing we should consider is safety. The container house is built on the basis of the original freight container and the colored steel sandwich board. The colored steel sandwich board has a very good heat preservation effect in winter and has a very high fire resistance level. It is very safe and reliable, thus avoiding the occurrence of fire accidents in the original simple movable board house.

Let's talk about the location problem of container houses. Due to the feature of convenient movement, its mobility is relatively large. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the structural problem can withstand frequent movement.

Let's talk about how to design the appearance. The common commercial housing has a single style and can only be designed by developers. Once it is finalized, it cannot be changed, while container houses are very personalized and can be painted according to their own preferences and can be made very different. If you don't like it, you can draw it again.

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