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The Birth of Container Houses Will Change People's Way of Life

25 Apr, 2023

Expandable container houses is a relatively novel building system, which can be spliced and hoisted directly during transportation. It is very convenient. It has become popular in some areas, especially among young people in western developed countries.

Container mobile houses are widely used in temporary construction houses for field operations such as roads, railways and buildings. Urban municipal, commercial and other temporary houses, such as temporary offices, conference rooms, headquarters, dormitories and temporary shops, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, temporary parking lots, temporary exhibition halls, temporary maintenance departments, temporary gas stations, etc., because containers have the following advantages:

1. First of all, it is convenient to transport. It can be transported to the site without separate installation. It is especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites, because the container room can be moved quickly at any time. Only one forklift truck is needed to move the whole vehicle in close range, and only one flat trailer and forklift truck are needed to move the whole vehicle in ultra-long range without foundation and disassembly.

2. The container office office has no special requirements for the site. If there is no need for combined use and no need for foundation treatment, the container room can be placed even in mud. After the box is transported to the site, it can be used by connecting an external power supply.

3. The service life is long. Generally, container houses can be used for 15-20 years. The products are mainly made of colored steel plates or can be modified from second-hand original container containers. They are durable and can be used repeatedly without disassembly and assembly and without material loss.

4, high safety performance, container house is very strong, using all steel structure, the weight can reach 2 tons, even if it is 8 strong winds, also can't shake it. However, if it is prefab house, it is likely to be blown down in case of strong winds of magnitude 8. In addition, the fire prevention performance of the container house is very good, because it is wrapped by thick steel plates, so even if the thermal insulation layer inside the container toilet catches fire, the fire will not spread like the outside.

The birth of container houses will change people's way of life, because compared with the current high housing prices and rents, the price of container houses has great advantages. The rent is only a few yuan a day, which solves the urgent needs of a large number of migrant workers. From temporary housing for ordinary workers on construction sites to high-end modular buildings with containers as templates, they are loved and sought after by the public. With the development of the times, more and more container houses will be integrated into people's daily life.

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