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Some Characteristics of Steel Structure Warehouse

25 Apr, 2023

The steel structures warehouse mainly means that the main load-bearing members are composed of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roof trusses (basically now are steel structure trusses ), steel roofs, steel walls can also be maintained with brick walls. Due to the increase in steel production of China, many have begun to adopt steel structure warehouses, and can also be divided into light and heavy steel structure warehouses. Industrial and civil construction facilities constructed of steel are called steel structures.

The steel structure warehouse has a lightweight, high strength, good overall rigidity, and strong deformation ability. The building's own weight is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, which can withstand hurricanes of 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected. The steel structure residential structure is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel component system. The steel bone is made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which effectively avoids the influence of corrosion of the steel plate during construction and use, and increases the service life of the light steel component. The structural life can reach 100 years.

The sound insulation effect is an important indicator for evaluating the house. The windows installed in the steel system are all made of insulating glass. The sound insulation effect is good, and the sound insulation is more than 40 decibels. The wall made up of light steel keel and thermal insulation gypsum board can have a sound insulation effect of up to 60. Decibel The steel wall adopts an energy-efficient system, has a breathing function, and can adjust the indoor air dry humidity; the roof has a ventilation function, which can form a flowing air between the interior of the house to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof.

When the surface temperature of the steel is within 150 ° C, the strength of the steel changes little, so the steel structures are suitable for use for/of a hot shop. When the temperature exceeds 150 ° C, its strength is significantly reduced. When the temperature reaches 500-600t, the intensity is almost zero. Therefore, in the event of a fire, the steel structure has a short fire-resisting time and a sudden collapse occurs. For steel structures of special requirements. Insulation and fire resistance measure is required.

There are many reasons for the difficulty in guaranteeing the quality of steel structure engineering. It is also complicated. It has problems caused by improper process, problems caused by violation of process operation, problems caused by the technical level and responsibility of construction workers and decision makers. Quality problems caused by mistake.

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