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Regular Maintenance of The Prefab Steel House

25 Apr, 2023

After the prefab steel house is installed, it is not allowed for the owner to change its structure. It is not possible to remove any bolts and other components. It is not possible to increase or decrease the partition wall. If you need to change any part, you must negotiate with the manufacturer. It is up to the manufacturer to judge whether it can be changed. After the steel structure has been used for about 3 years, it must be repaired with paint once, giving the building a beautiful and safe appearance. Prefabricated steel structure houses are connected by steel structural components, so the use of electrical equipment, such as wire and cable, is applied to isolate the wire ducts to avoid electric shock.

Prefab steel house must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Under normal circumstances, inspection and maintenance are required once a year. When cleaning the outer wall of a steel structure factory, care should be taken not to have any disorder. You can not use steel balls, plate brushes and other abrasive cleaning products. When cleaning with clean water, it should be washed from top to bottom. Branches, leaves and other similar objects on the steel structure workshop should be cleaned up in time to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by backlog. If the surface of the metal plate of the prefabricated steel structure house is damaged, it should be repaired in time to avoid the sun and rain from corroding the metal plate surface. If necessary, all the high-elastic nano-materials are used to protect the metal roof panels and provide effective heat insulation and waterproofing to save indoor air-conditioning energy.

The maintenance and maintenance of prefab steel house have a great connection with the service life of steel structures. Therefore, the industry mainly pays sufficient attention to them. If you encounter any problems in maintenance and maintenance, contact a professional steel structure manufacturer for assistance.

Everyone's life is closely related to nature. As long as they get along with nature and have a bright future, the steel structure has made a great contribution to the construction industry after combining these characteristics. It not only beautifies the environment. It is more sturdy to the house. It is the protection of people's lives and property, and the steel structure houses are truly combined with nature.

Environmental issues are the source of everything, and why prefab steel house are so popular, that is, he has so many advantages, steel-framed houses are used as residential buildings with load-bearing beams and columns. Its advantages are self-evident, such as: steel structural components are produced in the factory, reducing on-site workload, shortening construction period, meeting industrial requirements, not only saving resources but also reducing unnecessary pollution. Steel can be recycled, less environmentally polluted when constructed and removed. These advantages are the value of prefabricated steel structures. He used these advantages to prop up the "safety umbrella" of life.

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