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Putian Attaches Importance to the Development of Steel Structure Residential System

25 Apr, 2023

The whole house is "produced" on the assembly line of the factory, building the house is like building blocks, and the whole construction site is more like the "assembly workshop" of the residential factory.

PTH's steel structure house, with prefabricated components like building blocks arranged in sequence and neatly stacked on the open ground, have a crane to lift a large piece of prefabricated exterior wall to the area to be installed more than 10 meters high. Five prefabricated houses have already taken shape. There was no large amount of construction waste on the construction site, no scaffolding and protective nets common to traditional construction sites, no harsh noise from cement mixing trucks, and no dusty and crowded construction sites.

"The characteristics of Assembled building with steel-structure's residential buildings are mainly factory manufacturing, supplemented by on-site construction." "Prefabricated housing is to realize the industrialization of the construction industry. Factories will do things on the construction site and build houses like building blocks so that a large number of construction workers will be transformed into industrial workers," said the head of Putian.

In recent years, PTH prefab housing has paid attention to the development and perfection of steel structure housing system through unremitting exploration and efforts. It has a series of products including main steel structure, The Wall panel, decorative integrated panel, energy-saving doors and windows, etc. It has realized the evolution from "on-site construction" to "factory Smarter Manufacturing Top-class Office Integration" and created very favorable conditions for building green prefabricated houses.

PTH adopts a main frame supporting structure, steel beams and supports adopt hot rolled H-shaped steel, beam-column joints are designed as diaphragm through joints according to stress and construction requirements, and full-strength bolts are used for connection and assembly on site. From the frame, floor slab, enclosure to parts and components are all intelligent fine processing and modular production in the factory. There is no pillar corner in the room, and the occupancy rate is 8% higher than that of traditional houses. To some extent, the problems of "high house price" and "difficulty in buying a house" have been alleviated.

The seemingly simple splicing and assembling process of producing on the factory assembly line and assembling on the spot is a technological innovation and industrial upgrading in China's construction industry. All parts are manufactured in the factory inside in advance in a unified way, which can realize maximum energy saving, water saving, land saving and electricity saving in the whole life of the building in Period. Compared with traditional construction, the time limit for a project in Prefabricated building can be greatly shortened, and many components can be recycled and reused, which accords with the characteristics of green buildings and circular economy.

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