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PTH Modular House Advocates Green Building

25 Apr, 2023

As a benchmarking enterprise in the industry, PTH House has always advocated the values ​​of green buildings. The green, healthy and environmentally friendly housing concepts promoted by PTH modular houses are in line with the requirements of the country to develop green energy-saving buildings and people urgently change the living environment, and will lead the residential products. The new trend of market development.

The innovativeness of the new house in modular combination, mobile handling, humanized design and other aspects is another major achievement of PTH House to adapt to the new market demand and actively promote the residential industrialization policy. PTH modular houses realize product standardization, supply systemization, production factoryization, construction assembly and service customization.

PTH House is committed to providing a series of application solutions for public buildings and home customers. The wall and ceiling system solutions are composed of gypsum board, keel, mineral wool board, rock wool, roof tiles and supporting products; Residential parts and building energy-saving systems, building energy-saving and environmental protection systems consisting of doors, windows, radiators, environmental protection coatings, mute pipes and other residential parts; new houses and exterior building maintenance systems, light steel structure new houses, wood structure new houses and Jinbang boards , Jinbangwa building decoration peripheral protection system.

PTH modular house with new manufacturing and design concepts has many advantages that traditional buildings can't match.

1. Highly integrated factory processing greatly improves the efficiency of house construction and shortens the construction cycle, reflecting the powerful advantages of industrial production of residential products.

2. Lightweight, high-strength, standardized building structure system can easily realize the overall movement of houses and long-distance transportation, and expand the application field of residential products.

3. The green and scientific humanized design has got rid of the monotonous depression of the container house. It is equipped with kitchen and bathroom, shower room living room and bedroom, which emphasizes the quality of life of the residents. It is an ideal choice for travel, vacation, seaside leisure, halls, oil and mine barracks, islands, border posts, mobile offices, and accommodation.

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