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PTH is Committed to A One-Stop Solution for Economical Prefab House

25 Apr, 2023

Most fab homes, when designed by an architect or a manufacturer, are produced in order to reduce the final cost to the homeowner.It is a economical prefab house.

A number of sustainable prefab home models exist, but finding a builder that offers customized prefab homes and achieve LEED Platinum certification can be difficult—no matter where you live. Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.

Throughout the area, which was recently hard-hit by wildfires, homeowners are struggling to find contractors to rebuild their homes. A company like Plant Prefab offered a viable solution.

One of the biggest benefits of prefabs is that they are fast to build. While most new houses can take months, or even a year or more to build, pth’s prefab home was done in about a day.

Jack has three bedrooms and two baths. He chose LivingHomes and Plant Prefab, he says, the houses are designed to be very energy efficient and use more sustainable materials. The home cost about 30 percent less than a ground-built home, he added.

For homeowners with a modern aesthetic, the homes are also attractive. Schauffel’s house has modern, clean lines and a sleek exterior. Numerous glass doors and windows create a space that feels more spacious that its actual size.

If you want to know more, you can click here: https://www.pthhouse.com/

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