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PTH: A Sharp Soldier Walking in the New Era of Assembled Architecture

25 Apr, 2023

In order to connect with the fabricated building market and conform to the national policy of promoting industrialization, Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. has integrated the advantages of the entire industrial chain of fabricated buildings and established a wholly-owned PTH Company in 1998. The company has been committed to a one-stop solution for low-rise prefabricated buildings. Services range from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales services. PTH is a " new business card" created by Zhejiang to promote transformation and upgrading.

1.Inheriting and Carrying Forward the Spirit of Craftsmen and Creating Modernization of Construction Industry

Since its establishment, Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. has obtained more than 50 patents, including 10 invention patents, and continuously develops more than 10 new products every year. The design and research activities of PTH apply BIM system and Autodesk Revit software. Based on the relevant information and data of the project, we established a building model to simulate the real information of the building through digital information simulation. At present, we have completed the research and development of Revit products, laying a solid foundation for the effective and accurate design, and showing the details and three-dimensional effects of the company's products to customers. Provide strong technical service support for the company's marketing and project performance, and provide differentiated scientific and technological competitive advantages for the company's major projects.

2.Green Intelligent Assembled Building to Meet Consensus of New Urban Construction

Green smart prefabricated buildings are getting more and more attention and acceptance in the construction of new cities. Vigorously promoting prefabricated buildings to gradually become mainstream in the development of the industry. There is no denying that China's prefabricated buildings are still facing many difficulties and need public relations. Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. adopts the strategy of promoting both traditional construction and fabricated construction to ensure the normal operation of the company. The company has set up a branch in Canada, exporting its products to more than 100 countries and regions with over 2,000 projects. " Standardization of components and individuation of buildings", through the gradual evolution of new building technologies, I believe that in the near future human buildings will definitely become greener, greener and wiser.

In the future, Zhejiang Putian Comprehensive Housing Co., Ltd. will, as always, focus on construction industrialization and strive to become an integrated solution provider for green buildings integrating investment, design, research and development, manufacturing and construction. In order to improve the gold content of construction industrialization, to lead the construction of new cities, to promote the development of the construction industry, to create a green and environmentally friendly future, to make contributions.

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