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Popularization and application of steel structure has become a social consensus

25 Apr, 2023

Through studying abroad and witnessing the collapse of houses after Wenchuan earthquake, I think we should vigorously develop all kinds of steel structure building.

In 2008, Wenchuan earthquake was devastated and painful. The houses in the disaster areas in rural areas are the most seriously damaged, mainly because a large number of rural houses have no seismic fortification. In order to fundamentally and thoroughly solve this problem, I think we should learn from the experience of developed countries such as Europe and the United States and actively promote light steel structures and wood structures with excellent seismic performance, which integrate design, fabrication, installation, decoration and overall kitchen and toilet, in villages and towns and villages. Regrettably, the annual construction volume of steel-structure residential buildings in China only accounts for less than 2% of the newly-built area.

Most countries in Europe and America use steel structure and wood structure to build houses, because wood structure and light steel structure have strong seismic resistance and can effectively protect people's lives and property. Most of the houses in our country are brick-concrete or reinforced concrete structures, which have large self - volume, large earthquake force and construction quality. When encountering earthquakes, houses collapse more frequently.

In fact, steel structure has many advantages, but its application rate in new buildings is really low. Will it change in the future?

China is a large steel producing country, but it is not a strong steel structure application country. Relevant data show that building steel structure accounts for only about 6% of the total steel output, and there is still a big gap with the developed countries accounting for 50% ~ 60% of the total steel output. We should see that the gap is hope, indicating that there is still much room for the development of steel structures in our country.

With the government's encouragement and support for the application of steel structures in buildings, the key technical problems of steel structures have been continuously overcome, etc., which have provided a broad space for the development of steel structures. Most importantly, the promotion and application of steel structures has become a social consensus, and steel structures have ushered in the spring of large-scale promotion and application.

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