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Now The Building of Houses has Taken on A New Look

25 Apr, 2023

Life in the countryside has become better and more houses have been built. But now the building has taken on a new look. Concrete and steel bars are no longer needed on the construction site. A luxurious villa can be built with this material alone. Lightweight, sturdy and economical, the common people are really blessed. It is called " light steel villa house".

Compared with brick-concrete buildings, it uses dry operation, directly pulling prefabricated light steel plates to the construction site for assembly. The construction period is short, and occupancy can be completed within one month at most. No matter in terms of appearance, safety, cost performance and quality, traditional houses have incomparable advantages.

1. Increase the area

This new type of wall reduces the thickness of the house. There are no large pillars, and the pipelines are all distributed in the walls, floors and beams. In this way, the usable area of the house can be increased by more than 10 %.

2. Comfortable living

The wall keel is filled with glass fiber cotton, which has good sound insulation effect, thick when walking, and no vibration feeling. In addition, with this protective layer, the house can be kept warm in winter and cool in summer, making it more comfortable to live.

3. Safety guaranteed

After being connected with the ground, a complete lightning protection system is formed, and the problems of conducting electricity and being struck by lightning do not need to be worried. Earthquake resistance reached 9 and typhoon resistance reached 13. Families live safer.

4. Green and Environmental Protection

Its service life can reach more than 70 years, more than 80 % of building materials can be reused, and it is more low - carbon, material - saving, green, environment - friendly, strong and durable. In fact, as early as abroad, it has become very popular, and now it has become a new type of building materials that the country is very advocating.

PTH has over 20 years of experience in this industry, and can provide full services to customers’ requirements covering design, manufacturing, logistic, installation, and after sales service.

With the fast growing of manufacturing industry, large steel structure is very much in demand. The unique advantages are high strength, capable of large span, environmental, seismic resistance etc. Its common applications are factory, warehouses, public buildings and other special application.

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Website: https://www.pthhouse.com/

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