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Light Steel Villas as Various Indicators of Green Buildings

25 Apr, 2023

With the economic growth, the people's various consumption levels have gradually improved, and the people's living standards have gradually improved. It is no longer solely to meet their basic material needs, but more inclined to the pursuit and enjoyment of the quality of life. The market share of new light gauge steel structure villas in the real estate market has gradually increased in recent years, and has gradually deviated from the earlier people's poor impression of light steel villas and the Chinese market.

The so-called green building refers to the maximum saving of resources during the whole life cycle of the building, including energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, etc., protecting the environment and reducing pollution, providing people with healthy, comfortable and efficient use of space, and A building where nature coexists in harmony. Green building technology focuses on low consumption, high efficiency, economy, environmental protection, integration and optimization. It is the sharing of benefits between man and nature, now and the future, and a means of sustainable development. The shining characteristics highlighted in the various green indicators of the light steel villas fully demonstrate the various high-quality properties of the new light steel structure villas as green residences, which are the embodiment of green buildings.

Below, the editor will provide you with new light steel structure villas as various green indicators of green buildings:

1. Low-carbon indicators

During the construction of the light steel villa, the carbon dioxide emission is about 480kg/m2, which is more than 35% lower than the traditional concrete carbon emission of 740.6kg/m2.

2. Material saving index

The weight of the light steel villa high-rise building is about 900-1000kg/m2, the traditional concrete building is about 1500-1800kg/m2, and the light steel villa's weight is reduced by about 40%. It can greatly reduce the consumption of cement, sand and other resources, thereby greatly reducing carbon emissions in the process of mineral excavation, smelting and transportation; no other wood is required during the construction of light steel villas, which can reduce wood logging equivalent to 9,000 hectares of forest; It can also save about 30% of the underground pile foundation.

3. Water saving index (reduce sewage discharge)

Light-steel villas are mainly on-site assembly construction, and the construction process is dry construction, which can greatly reduce construction water and sewage discharge.

4. Energy-saving indicators (saving operating energy consumption)

Good thermal insulation performance, reduce the use of various thermal insulation and cooling equipment, and can meet the building energy saving standard of more than 75%;

5. Land-saving indicators (improving land use efficiency)

The light steel structure has the characteristics of high strength and good toughness. It is easy to realize high-rise buildings, which can improve the efficiency of land use per unit area; the indoor housing rate can increase by about 5%-10%, and the underground garage parking space can increase by 10%-20%. Today, when the problem of low cost and difficulty in parking is highlighted, its socio-economic value is particularly prominent.

6. Environmental indicators

Dry construction operations can reduce noise disturbance, waste water discharge and dust pollution at the construction site; reduce sand and gravel mining and construction waste discharge, protect the environment, and create a new era of architectural civilization.

7. Recycling indicators

When the building is demolished, the material recovery rate of the main structure of the light steel villa is more than 90%, which is about 60% less than the traditional concrete waste discharge. Responding to the country’s call to "promote circular production methods", and steel recycling and recycling can serve as a strategic resource reserve for the country.

The characteristics of light steel villas are warm in winter and cool in summer, insect-proof, wind-proof and anti-earthquake, and it has a short construction period, which completely subverts the traditional mode of building houses. Western-style villas can be customized. For more product information, please contact us: prefab villa.

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