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Light Steel Villa is An Energy-Saving Green Building System

Relevant overview of light steel prefab villa.

1. Basic Features

A cold-bent thin-walled steel member as the basic structural framework, a new structural plate as the structural system, and other thermal insulation and decorative materials. It is a house building system that is integrated with factory production and on-site assembly.

The system uses cold-formed thin-walled steel structure system, which has the characteristics of small cross-sectional size and light weight, which is 5 to 10% higher than the traditional building. It significantly reduces the basic cost; light steel wall load-bearing system makes the building shape Full of lightness and dynamics, it improves the flexibility of the indoor layout; low-carbon environmentally friendly building materials make the building durable, stable, and have good seismic, fire, thermal, and sound insulation properties. It is an energy-saving green Building system.

2. Scope of application

The light steel residential system is suitable for newly built, renovated and expanded buildings of 1 to 6 floors (excluding basement and the cornice height should not be greater than 12m). However, the number of floors of a mixed structure building with cold-formed thin-walled steel skeleton, steel structure, and reinforced concrete structure is not limited to this.

PTH’s Light Steel Villa (LGS) systems are manufactured from FrameCAD software and Heyes cold forming technology, which is the state-of-the-art fully automatic production line with tolerance to 0.5 mm.

LGS studs are made from high strength G550 steel with AZ150 coating, it possesses light weight, high strength and anti-corrosion treatment, with an over 50 years life expectancy.

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