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Steel Structure Buildings are Becoming More and More Popular

25 Apr, 2023

Steel struture buildings are in sharp contrast to traditional houses and have outstanding advantages:

Prevent 9-magnitude earthquake, 13-magnitude hurricane, lightning protection, moisture prevention, corrosion prevention, fire prevention, strong sound insulation, cool winter, cool summer, short construction period, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Light steel main materials can be recycled 100% and other materials can be recycled 80%

The construction period is short. The construction period of the house can be completed in only 50 days, and the installation period is much shorter than that of the traditional brick-concrete building.

The thickness of light steel villa is 110-180mm, and the residential area is about 90%. The area of brick-concrete houses is about 75%, 15-20% higher than that of traditional real houses. For example, you can add 200 square meters of construction area. The use area of 30-40 square meters is equivalent to an oversized living room or two bedrooms.

The total cost of light steel structure houses is obviously better than that of traditional brick-concrete structure houses. "I think light steel structure houses are more expensive than brick-concrete buildings" is a misunderstanding, and there is no misunderstanding about light steel structure houses.

Just like "digital TV" and "black and white TV" in the past, the "smart phone" now and the "functional phone" in the past are different cost-effective products. Enjoy different quality of life. As society progresses, people's thoughts should continue to accept new things, not to mention good products!

Therefore, we should break the traditional concept. The era of "Qin brick and Han tile" has become history. The "light steel structure" green building has subverted the tradition. With the government's promotion and strong support, it is becoming more and more popular.

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