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Interpret The Advantages of Steel Structure Warehouses

Here are some analyses on the advantages of steel structure warehouses:

Its use is very common: it can be used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, stadiums, hangars and so on. It is not only suitable for single-story and large-span buildings, but also can be used to construct multi-story or high-rise buildings.

Its construction is simple: the construction period is short; all the components are prefabricated in the factory, and only a simple assembly is required on site, which can greatly shorten the construction period. Simple calculations, a building of 6000 square meters, about only need The installation can be basically completed in 40 days.

Durable: easy to repair; the steel structure of the general-purpose computer design can withstand the harsh environment and climate, and only requires simple maintenance.

Not only beautiful but also very practical: the steel structure building has simple and smooth lines and a modern feel. Color wall panels are available in many colors, and the walls are also made of other materials, so they are more flexible.

The cost is also very reasonable: the steel structure building is light in weight and the basic cost is reduced. The construction speed is very fast, and it can be completed and put into production as soon as possible. The overall economic benefits are much better than that of the concrete structure building.

It is reported that there are no detailed requirements for the service life of steel frame structure workshops in the relevant regulations. However, when the structure is designed, according to the load specification, the load statistics of 50 years are basically selected as the basic period of load, which is normal. The probability of failure of the designed steel frame structure due to excessive load in 50 years is very small.

Under normal circumstances, if the construction engineering grade of the steel frame structure factory building is Grade II, the design service life is 50 years, and the seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees.

However, once the steel frame structure is corroded, the mechanical performance of the structure will be difficult to guarantee. The steel frame structure design specification stipulates that there should be better anti-corrosion measures for steel structures that have been used for more than 25 years, and there is a light steel structure factory building. , Those boards and other components, the supplier’s quality assurance is generally about 10 years.

All in all, within 50 years of the steel structure, if the material is not corroded, there should be no damage caused by the load.

These are the reasons why steel structure warehouses are so popular.

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