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Housing containers can provide you with excellent leisure places

With the continuous innovation of the construction industry, a building called " expandable container house" has become the forefront of the times. The mobile container room is a bedroom that can be easily assembled and moved. It has the function of an external trailer, and the interior is the bedroom. Such houses are widely used in China, such as environmental-friendly public toilets, sanitary facilities, light steel mobile container houses have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient construction, less environmental pollution, less investment, etc.

Housing containers can provide you with an excellent leisure place, and you can live indefinitely, especially if the climate allows or the housing design is reasonable to meet all kinds of weather. Use containers because they have only a few window openings here and there. The glass sliding door on the ground floor is shielded by sliding boards. The wooden deck seems to extend from the floor of the house, with built-in lights, and additional awnings and roofs add sun protection.

Mobile or prefabricated house container is a prefabricated house that can be towed from a manufacturing plant to a residential base. Due to the year-round availability of mass production technology, the cost of building houses is relatively low. Mobile container houses are usually manufactured by factories and transported to their destinations. Therefore, some mobile container houses have sliding or foldable side walls to reduce the width of the house during transportation. Other parts are shipped and assembled on the homestead. The assembly cycle of mobile integrated houses is very short. Under normal circumstances, a comprehensive house can be completed in about four days. A large amount of construction waste will not be generated in the assembly process and can be recycled through disassembly for many times.

PTH's container house is an energy-saving and environment-friendly modular house, which consists of light steel frame, thermal insulation wall and roof system. These products are widely used in temporary accommodation and public housing projects. The container house can withstand wind load of 210 km / h and its service life can exceed 10 years.

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