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Have You Ever Heard of Container Camps?

Have you heard of the container camp? The container house in the camp is actually a container house, or a container mobile house, or a container house, that is, a house with windows and doors that is mainly made of container-based materials and has been slightly modified.

Then what is a container camp? My understanding is that what he emphasizes is a purpose. Houses built by containers are used as hotels or lodging houses for people to travel and live or temporarily live. Generally, they are far away from the urban areas, giving people the feeling of camping.

At present, there are many outdoor leisure camps, which use containers as guest rooms. They are quite unique and have attracted numerous friends' visiting experiences.

Upon entering the camp, the sight will be immediately attracted by colorful containers. Each container was painted in bright colors. Against the backdrop of autumn leaves in the forest, people immediately fell in love with this place. In addition to each container room, the owner has also designed a small terrace with a hanging chair, so that you can have a good place to relax in your spare afternoon.

The interior decoration style of the container rooms is modern and simple, with wooden floors, white sheets, and independent toilets … the facilities are not inferior to the standard rooms of star hotels. It is especially worth mentioning that each room is equipped with air-conditioning and ground heating facilities. Even though it is cold in the morning and evening in the mountains, the room is still warm and comfortable with ground heating.

Some container camps are built in remote mountains, which means that your mobile phone will have no signal or network, which is equivalent to entering a paradise, a place where you can relax. In the mountains, you can experience watching the stars, watching the sunrise, watching the beautiful clouds, and feeling close to nature.

If you are interested, you can also search more container camps to experience different feelings. Here is a case of PTH: container office.