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Container Building - Interesting Building

25 Apr, 2023

Container building, as a relatively new building system, is still relatively rare in China, but it is highly sought after by new designers abroad and has gradually become a fashion. PTH will talk about some interesting container buildings.

Characteristics of Container Buildings:

1. Advantages

The container itself has very high strength, carrying capacity is even higher than that of ordinary buildings, and it also has anti-corrosion and certain fire prevention capabilities.

The construction cost is lower than that of traditional buildings, and can be reused without generating too much construction waste.

Since the size of the containers themselves is fixed, each container can be used as a separate building or a unit module of a building, thus simplifying the construction process and being easy to assemble and disassemble.

2. Shortcomings

Because containers are mostly made of steel, they are prone to corrosion and have poor thermal insulation performance. Therefore, additional thermal insulation measures should be taken, such as thermal insulation cotton, rock wool board, silicate board and other thermal insulation measures, and anti-rust paint should be applied to prevent corrosion of the container body.

Case Study of Container Building Interior Design:

1.12 Containers Become Industrial Classical Buildings

Through the glass curtain wall and steel structure, 12 containers are covered inside, the interior uses double straight stairs, and the interior guest restaurant is in a large shared space.

On the first floor, there are living rooms with fireplaces, open kitchens, etc.

The fireplace in the bedroom on the second floor is on the same axis as the living room on the first floor, and the outside is full of lush green.

2. Container Room with Curtains

Through the stacking of several container buildings, a restaurant that can be opened is vacant in the middle of the house, and the selected eaves are surrounded by curtains to form a terrace.

Mutual Collection Believes in Innovation to Change Life: Green and Environmentally Friendly Container Buildings Take Containers as Basic Modules and Adopt Manufacturing Mode.

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