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Construction Industry Should Strive for Sustainable Development

25 Apr, 2023

Every time I pass by some large-scale construction sites, what I see is a dusty, grey piece. Trees and flowers within the scope are transplanted or directly removed. This is undoubtedly unfair and harmful to nature. The main reason is the structural nature of traditional buildings, which are often integrated and absolutely have no habitat for large-scale trees.

Let me show you the following photo, which was taken on a grassland in Africa, where due to insufficient rainfall, sparse trees and not lush trees, a residential room needs to be built.

If traditional large-area brick-concrete buildings are adopted, these already rare trees will suffer and will be uprooted and relocated. After many discussions and suggestions, the government decided to adopt expandable container houses.

As each box house can serve the residents independently, the box houses can be distributed among trees independently. In fact, this is mutually beneficial to nature. Trees can also reduce strong winds for the house, shade the sun, and maintain geological stability, thus contributing to the stability of the foundation of the box house. The whole residential area is shaded by trees, flowers and plants, birds and flowers, and how harmonious it is with nature. This is also a major advantage of integrated housing.

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