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China prefabricated home is gradually being recognized

25 Apr, 2023

Abroad, China prefabricated house can be seen everywhere. It is a temporary house made of molded colored steel plates and aluminum. Then connect the water pipe, gas pipe and power line, and you can move in.

The advantage of integrated house is its low cost and environmental protection, which is only 1%-10% of the housing of the same area. It takes ten months or even more than a year to build an ordinary residential house, while a day or two is enough to build such a integrated house. At the Sydney Olympics, the superiority of such an active integrated house was almost brought into full play.

In Britain, integrated house has become the hope of office workers. Real estate in Britain has been booming in recent years, and the shortage of new housing is the direct reason. According to statistics, newly built houses in Britain can only meet the needs of 1/4 families each year, while most houses meet the needs of high incomes. In order to ease the housing crisis in Britain, the British government has personally "promoted" the lightweight steel micro-integrated house, which is a small integrated house with only 35 square meters. But everything is complete.

Foreign integrated house includes commercial office buildings, shops, industrial factories, sanatoriums, tourist villas, hotels, restaurants, civil houses in the traditional construction industry, and so on, in addition to the temporary houses mentioned above and used for temporary construction sites. China prefabricated homes is gradually being recognized. Many people have seen this very advantageous product. Rapid promotion of integrated house has become a highlight and revolution of new materials in the construction field in this century.

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