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Are You Curious About A Resort Hotel Made of Containers?

For us Chinese, Malaysia is not a strange country. Although it is very exotic, the Chinese signboards everywhere and the common Guangzhou dialect can make Cantonese speaking Cantonese have the illusion of sightseeing in a certain city in the province. But Malaysia has a unique seaside resort that can live in a container house, did you know? This is a container hotel featuring exquisite beach resorts. Yes, the theme shared today is the container hotel.

Langkawi Ocean Residence Hotel is one of the most attractive container hotel buildings around. Provide guests with sustainable but very luxurious accommodation options. The container room is one of the characteristic suites of the hotel, which is almost entirely composed of containers. The design of the metal roof is excellent, showing us the harmonious integration of the countryside and the refined elements.

The container hotel rooms are painted maroon, reminiscent of the rusty retro look, and the long sea navigation and the strange port. The container hotel is composed of 18 industrial freight containers, cleverly assembled into an avant-garde building, and maintained with original metal plates. Outside tables and chairs ensure that residents can enjoy vast sea views at the hotel.

Just enter a suite in the container hotel. The red curtains and cushions in the room match the appearance of the container house. The upholstered bed brings more comfort to this charming living space. In addition, you will find a dining area next to the kitchen and living room.

A container hotel suitable for vacation can be like this. As long as ideas are added, simple but inflexible containers can be excellent. How to make cheap things look more elegant and more comfortable to use is the goal that container house manufacturers have been pursuing.

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