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Advantages of Integrated Housing

Prefabricated homes china is rapidly combined by light steel structure and enclosure structure with standardized design, and has the characteristics of convenience, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Building components can be reused for many times, and most of the used building materials can be recycled, thus realizing the building concepts of universal standardization, environmental protection, energy conservation, quickness and high efficiency. To sum up, integrated houses have the following characteristics:

1. High degree of standardization, strong interchangeability of components

Integrated houses are spatially combined according to uniform length, width and height modules, and light steel structural members are connected by bolts, thus realizing high interchangeability, flexible disassembly, movement and multiple turnover, thus demonstrating high production efficiency and use efficiency.

Standardized, modular and universal production methods are very important to reduce costs, improve productivity and quickly disassemble and assemble. Due to the strong interchangeability of products, large enterprises operate integrated houses in the form of leasing, which enables suppliers to provide professional services, realize the scale effect of manufacturing, building and storage of temporary construction products, speed up the turnover of materials, improve the utilization rate of components, and better reflect the requirements of circular economy and low-carbon economy.

2. High degree of industrialization

The integrated house adopts fabricated design, all light steel members are connected by bolts, which is easy to disassemble, move and store, with minimal disassembly and assembly loss. All components of the integrated house are of common standard and can be prefabricated through factory production, which makes it easier to realize large-scale production. Therefore, its production efficiency is very high.

3. Temporary and Simplicity

Integrated housing products have short service life and are characterized by temporariness and simplicity.

4. light weight

The main structure of the integrated house is made of light materials such as cold-formed thin-walled steel, and its enclosure structure is made of colored steel sandwich panels, so the overall weight of the house is relatively light.

5. The span of the house is small

Integrated houses are small houses with a span of generally less than 11 meters.

6. Easy to ship

Transportation of integrated houses is very convenient. A 7.5m truck can carry all the components of a 180 square meter integrated house, and a 40 - foot container can carry more than 300 square meters of building components.

7. Fast installation speed

The integrated house is simple in structure and quick to assemble and disassemble. In general, four installers can complete the assembly of a 100 square meter house in one day.

8. Beautiful shape and flexible layout

The integrated house is made of colored steel plates for its roof and exterior walls, which are very colorful. There are many specifications for the height and width of the house. The length can be arbitrarily increased or decreased within the specified modulus range according to the user's wishes, and can be flexibly combined.

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