How Should Container Houses Be Maintained?


Expandable container house is a kind of building system […]

Expandable container house is a kind of building system that hits the fashion trend again and again. It can be moved anywhere and anytime to bring more convenient and comfortable life to people.

The solar photovoltaic panel can be used for indoor electricity, the solar water heater can supply heat and water, and the discharge of indoor shower and domestic water is purified by the sewage treatment system for reuse. Container houses of different sizes can be made according to the number of personnel.

How should container houses be maintained? The following PTH to tell you about:

1. Container houses shall be connected with steel layout pieces, and electrical lighting equipment shall be installed. Electric wires shall not be directly bound on the steel layout. Line pipes or trunking blocking devices shall be installed to prevent electric shock.

2. After the container house is in good condition, the layout shall not be changed privately, no bolt members shall be disassembled, and no partition wall shall be added or reduced.

3. Container houses are mainly composed of all steel members joined together. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the necessary protection tasks such as derusting, painting and innovation regularly. In general, paint should be protected once every 1-2 years so as to maintain beauty and make the movable house colorful.

4. Every time you leave the house, you must cut off all power supplies to prevent accidents. You must not use high-power electrical appliances or violate regulations.

5. Please do not use open flame stoves and high-power electrical appliances in container houses.

6. Please do not run and jump upstairs, and do not push or pull hard when using doors and windows.

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