Flat Pack Container House-Mobile Room


The flat pack container house is composed of top frame […]

The flat pack container house is composed of top frame components, bottom frame components, corner posts and several interchangeable wall panels. Using modular design concepts and production technology, a container house is modularized into standard parts and assembled on site. Or it can be hoisted and seated.

The product uses the box as the basic unit. The box structure uses special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The enclosure and thermal insulation materials are all non-combustible materials. The plumbing, heating, electrical, decoration and decoration and supporting functions are all prefabricated in the factory without secondary construction. On-site assembly or overall hoisting and seating can be checked in. It can be used alone, and can also be used in different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions to form a spacious use space and stack.

The packaged box house has a simple and safe structure and has low requirements on the foundation. It has the characteristics of fast on-site installation, convenient moving and relocation, high turnover times, and long service life.

The product has no loss in disassembly and assembly, no construction waste, and can be used as an office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment and combined large spaces. It can meet construction engineering camps, municipal temporary houses, field camps, emergency resettlement houses, schools, and hospitals. Tourism post, various commercial housing needs.

It has the characteristics of prefabrication, flexibility, energy-saving and environmental protection, and is called a new type of "green building."

Transportation advantages:

Save freight-after flattening and compression, every 4 sets are equivalent to the size of a standard 20-foot container, saving 3/4 of the freight; 1 40-foot high container can ship 6 sets.

Flexible method-Considering the distance to the destination and the convenience of on-site installation, you can choose FCL transportation, flat compression transportation, or container transportation.

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