Efforts to Realize Industrialization of Low Carbon Economy


Nowadays, low-carbon industry is a hot topic. Low - car […]

Nowadays, low-carbon industry is a hot topic. Low - carbon buildings are not only the integration of new energy and new building materials, but also include a long upstream and downstream industrial chain of electrical lighting, office furniture, water-saving appliances, landscape greening, environmental protection decoration materials, control and detection equipment, etc. The development of prefabricated homes china depends on everyone's promotion.

However, the reality is that the concepts of energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon are only more stuck in words and documents, which is still a long way from production and life. Take solar energy, the most widely used solar energy, for example. The integration of solar energy and buildings has been called for a long time, but its implementation has been slow.

Zeng Qingshan, who has been practicing in the field of new energy for many years, believes that the slow promotion of energy-saving products is due to some factors of the products themselves, such as design defects and high prices. More importantly, it requires a change in consumption concepts and vigorous promotion by the government.

Speaking of the reasons for the slow promotion of " ecological houses" in rural areas, PTH leaders said: " This is a brand-new construction mode, and it is not easy for farmers to accept it at once." He said that when the relevant units are promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, it is not enough to implement the specific measures after publicity. For example, the state requires the elimination of clay bricks, but it is still difficult to implement them. The promotion of new residential houses like " ecological houses" depends on the strength of the government.

As a province with large energy production and consumption, Zhejiang has great potential to develop a low-carbon economy. Advocating a low-carbon life is not only to reduce environmental pressure, but also a great opportunity to change the mode of economic growth and foster new economic growth points. The task of creating an application demonstration project of low-carbon economy and realizing industrialization of low-carbon economy is imminent.

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