Description of Container Renovation Design


The service life of the container has a deadline, and t […]

The service life of the container has a deadline, and through the transformation of the container, it has become some practical temporary housing, and the secondary use is also quite good. However, after the renovation, there is also a need to pay attention to it, not to change it casually. The following is a specific introduction to some standards for container renovation design.

Take the 3X6 meter in one container in the domestic market as an example, the main materials are 4 columns. The upper and lower frames each have four beams, and the corner heads are also called (corner pieces) 8 beams. There are 64 screws connecting the corner head with the frame and upright post. 4 pressure groove plates. 9 sub-beams of the bottom frame. Wallboard and roof adopt double flour color steel plate with rock wool insulation layer in the middle. Elegant box-type house also has special drainage pipes hidden in four upright posts to improve the hidden danger of water leakage in the house. Unlike ordinary Container house, the current is scattered from the top four week.

All frame sections are rolled and formed by hot dip galvanized steel plates, and the top beam is provided with a drainage ditch, which guarantees the firmness of the house, makes the appearance of the house more beautiful, and gives a firm and safe feeling. Frames and corners are not made by ordinary factories. The frame uses a special press to press the steel strip out directly. The thickness varies from 2 mm to 3 mm. It has good bending resistance and compression resistance. Therefore, this requires high quality and precision for the profiling equipment.

The current in one container market will have different uses after renovation and will be transformed into creative buildings during the renovation. These containers have obvious advantages after renovation. After renovation, the houses will become simple and elegant and full of a natural habitat. Then, let's briefly talk about what are the advantages of in one container's renovation.

In one container, an independent module built in in one container, will make use of the overall construction during the reconstruction. During the construction, the modules are built one by one and then a simple house is formed. The current manufacturers will adopt the batch production mode and need to strictly produce them according to the size according to the structure of each block so as to carry out on-site hoisting. Through different combination modes, the container will become a changeable functional space.

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