Container Rebuilding has Become A Trend in Residential Design


Do you think expandable container house is very persona […]

Do you think expandable container house is very personal and fashionable?

According to the changeable local weather, the house adopts a vortex design. The container surface is coated with 13 layers of reflective heat-insulating paint, and air conditioning is not required all year round.

Reconstruction of container houses has become a trend in residential design. Apart from personalized houses, container houses are increasingly used in various fields due to their mobility and convenient use.

For example, the container shopping center Common Ground in South Korea has incomparable advantages over traditional buildings in appearance, demonstrating the dynamic and geometric three-dimensional sense of life.

Another example is the small solar town in Poland, which is converted from abandoned ship containers and fully utilized as an informal space, such as holding exhibitions, setting up workshops, or holding community activities.

Houses were developed into bars, music studios, offices, viewing platforms, food supply areas, toilets and warehouses. The roof is equipped with a solar integrated system, and the outer walls of the south and the north are painted with orange pigments, making the whole building full of vitality and fashion.

In addition, there are some personalized shops and coffee shops that are also very interesting.

At present, in addition to some architects and studios with design ability who are refitting containers, more and more integrated housing companies have also begun to develop these personalized houses for customers. The following is the container project designed by PTH in Kazakhstan. It has more than 20 functions, including schools, hospitals, clinics, residences, etc. It is equivalent to a complete community.

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