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At the scene of some outdoor sports events, there are o […]

At the scene of some outdoor sports events, there are often supporting lounges set up nearby. But events are not always at a fixed place, and it may not be practical to build a new theme building whenever a new event is taken place . Therefore, the modular container house, which is convenient and stable, ready to use on the ground, has been favored by customers for such uses.

In order to meet the local sports competitions, Canadian customers customized a batch of non-conventional size container houses from PTH, which are used for athletes' lounges and temporary offices.

The first floor is the office area, and the wall on the side facing the stadium is replaced by floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which enables staff to know the events better.

The second floor is used as an athlete's lounge, and the box wall uses a single piece of EPS sandwich panel to ensure good privacy.

At the scene of sports events, electronic screens are essential. Taking into account this demand, we changed part of the walls of the container module room to electronic screens, which can be used not only for the live broadcast of the game, but also for commercial advertising by sponsors.

For the audience, it is very necessary to set up a temporary store at the playing field. During the intermission, they need to buy some food, drinks, tissues and other items. PTH's container house can perfectly solve this problem. It is fast and convenient to install. As a movable module house, it is reusable.

What happens when the event is over? Are these container houses useless? Of course not, it is a convenient and movable building. Just use a crane to put them on the trailer, and you can transport them to the next place to continue to use.

In 1998, PTH was established in the prosperous city——Hangzhou, and began to produce steel structural parts. In 2008, PTH expanded to Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd., with the production base in Shaoxing. PTH is a company specialized in providing one-stop integrated housing solution from design, manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance for our customers.

Now, the main products can be divided into four categories, which are steel structure building, light gauge steel, container house and Double-C Structure. With the goal of “The Expert Of Housing Solution”, PTH constantly works on innovating and developing. Through research and revision, it has comprehensively upgraded the current version of container modules. The factory has introduced hundreds of fully automatic mechanized production lines, and the annual production capacity of different types of buildings can reach 500,000 square meters. The combination of the world's leading production equipment and efficient production schedules provides a strong support for the timely delivery.