Container Houses Suitable for Popularization in China


Expandable container house has many advantages such as […]

Expandable container house has many advantages such as environmental protection, low carbon, standardization, good temporary, high flexibility, prefabrication, short construction period, low cost, high safety index and so on. It is very suitable for popularization in China.

1. Safety:

The special materials used in the container make it extremely durable.

It is stronger than traditional building materials and has strong corrosion resistance and waterproof properties.

In addition, the mobile container form can adapt to more environments with insufficient municipal infrastructure and areas with high housing maintenance costs due to severe climate change.

2. Saving:

It is the lowest energy consumption of all frame building products in the market today, and it is a resource-saving and environment-friendly building method.

3. Environmental protection:

In addition to the container prefabricated building modules that are directly stamped and formed in factories, the reuse of containers that exit the transportation and circulation field through technological processing, creative design and renovation is another way to develop container prefabricated buildings. While avoiding the pressure on ecology caused by permanent buildings, reasonable recycling is realized, which fully embodies the concepts of environmental protection and conservation.

4. Wide scope of application:

Container building modules can be easily relocated, which makes it the best choice for temporary or transitional building construction.

5. Construction Industrialization:

The form of factory prefabrication of container prefabricated building modules can solve the problem of unbalanced building quality caused by uneven construction level and environmental protection concept in various regions. 6. Personalization:

The shapes are various, and the steel beams can be cut and welded after being put into shapes to enhance the bearing capacity of the container and form an integral space. Forms can be freely combined to create diversified combination modes.

The original surface of the container with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance can be realized as an environment-friendly surface of any style, even revealing the original appearance of the container.

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