Today, container buildings are no longer satisfied with […]

Today, container buildings are no longer satisfied with the existing exterior conditions, and have begun to imitate various types of buildings. From an industrial style to a high-end delicate house, it only needs a simple modified shell, but no matter how it changes, its core is still the container we are familiar with.

This is a resort project undertaken by PTH. At first glance, these container buildings are different, especially their structures. We use a large-area glass screen wall, and the walls inside and outside the house are thickened with insulation. Therefore, you never think that this artistic house was originally a hidden container building.

You can never imagine that this was also built from a container. A customer in the United States contacted PTH, hoping that we could design a distinctive office area for him. Because the local environment is comfortable and has a large area of grass and woods, in order to integrate the building into the environment, we combine four standard-sized containers. The walls are decorated with wood grain boards, and it looks like a wooden house in the distance. The design of floor-to-ceiling doors and windows makes the building have a sense of fashion, at the same time it also increases the lighting of the office and improves office efficiency.

"Container house + light steel roof" is a popular architectural model in recent years. From the appearance, it is no difference from ordinary concrete buildings, but the structure is stronger and the construction is easier. The "container house + light steel roof" construction mode is particularly suitable for some extreme climate areas, such as in hot areas, which can reduce direct sunlight and enhance therm

In order to meet the needs, the appearance conditions of the container house are constantly changing, and we can design its exterior according to the needs of customers. But the core of it is always the container house system that we are familiar with. It is constantly improving and upgrading.

al insulation effects; it can increase the roof load in heavy rain and snow ...