Container Camp is The Transformation of Container House


On the construction site, the container camp is a trans […]

On the construction site, the container camp is a transformation of the container house, and the container dormitory provides a home for migrant workers to sleep peacefully, safely and relieve fatigue.

On the construction site, the reason why the container house is chosen is not only that the performance of the container is very good and the cost is low, but also that the most important reason is that it is very convenient to use the container house. The container house can be disassembled, installed and used for many times. As long as a crane is used, the container house can be removed.

Container houses can also be turned into villas, also known as container house villas. This is the most living example of Diaosi becoming Gao Dashang. Why are container houses so widely used? How to improve the fixing method?

Method 1. Select the address with appropriate hardness as the foundation.

Method 2. Control errors during construction.

Method 3. Carry out construction work strictly according to the established procedures.

In interior design, a trend seems to exist for a long time, that is, green environmental protection, and the latest craze for environmentally friendly buildings is container houses. Creative design meets any of your imagination.

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