PTH Maldives double-story school completed


In 2018, a Maldivian customer expressed to PTH that he […]

In 2018, a Maldivian customer expressed to PTH that he hopes to build a school in the Maldives. After many communication with customers, we have adopted PTH's self-developed Double-C structure products, designed according to customer needs, total area is 2058 square meters.

PTH  has developed the Double- C products independently, has a number of invention patents.PTH has  introduced a fully automatic CNC production line for processing and production,which reducing  the complicated processing procedures to compensate for the complex processing of the steel structure and the needs for paint treatment on the surface.

On March 22, 2018, the project was officially launched in the Maldives. PTH dispatched professional engineers to the Maldives for installation instructions. After more than a year of construction time, this Double-c structure school was officially completed and will be put into use.

Double C products adopt Q345 high-strength structural steel, cold-bended forming, high-galvanizing layer anti-corrosion treatment, all profiles are 275g/m2 hot-dip galvanized, with high corrosion resistance, no special maintenance treatment is required for 30 years.

The double-C product is used in combination with ultra-light steel wall. which  can be applied to hotels, schools, hospitals,residential houses, etc. It has a lot of advantages, such as beautiful appearance, safe structure, quick installation, relatively low cost, good earthquake resistance, energy saving and soon.