Case Study and Analysis on Adaptive Design of Container Buildings


Container buildings can generally be divided into three […]

Container buildings can generally be divided into three forms: the buildings reconstructed by container bodies; Building with container body combination; A building in which the container body (and its components) and other structures work together to form a structure.

Next, we mainly discuss the renovation design of single-box container and the design of container box combination building.

1. Interior Design of Single Box

When containers are used in different building models, they represent different functional attributes, and the indoor layout is also different. It is commonly used in bedroom design. The main modules include kitchen, bathroom, writing desk and storage space. However, the kitchen and bathroom are limited by the mode of pipe construction, which makes it difficult to change positions during use, thus playing a key role in restricting the layout of indoor functions. According to the space attribute and entrance position of these two parts, qualitative analysis can be made on the interior plane of the container.

2. Space Expansion Design of Single Box

The container single-box building is flexible to use, convenient to transport, and has strong adaptability to the environment. However, it is limited by space limitations. Therefore, the expansion of container space through deformation and stretching is an effective way to increase the internal space of the container and increase the adaptability of container buildings to functions.

3. Shaping of Combined Box

The adaptability of container building to functional space is not only the space utilization of single container, but also the combination of containers can create more kinds of buildings and unique artistic quality of container building. Modern container buildings have changed into various building modes through adaptive transformation and combination.

Applied design of container buildings has been widely carried out in foreign countries, but there is relatively little research on this aspect in China. At present, low-carbon economy has become a worldwide theme. Countries are actively exploring ways to save energy and reduce emissions. As a new design concept, the transformation of containers into buildings for residential, office or other purposes has become popular all over the world.

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