Build A Light Steel Villa To Enjoy Life


When we are all old, what kind of life will we live? I […]

When we are all old, what kind of life will we live? I want to go back to the mountains with you and become a pair of fairy monks, living a picturesque life.

Life is too short. In this short period of time, we must respect our parents, raise our children, and work hard for life. We don't have much time left for ourselves, so when we are old, we have to live for ourselves.

Now we must work hard and save money, so that when we are old, we can pursue the life we desire.

At that time, a light gauge steel house was built on the mountain. In the quiet woods, the meandering stream flows through the front door. The air is filled with green grass and incense, and the sunlight that climbs up the window warmly surges.

Through the flower road, we can see our forest lodge, surrounded by flowers and plants, exquisite and quiet.

At that time, you either read tea in the forest or fished in the lake. I picked flowers in front of the house and squatted in my garden. We can also grow vegetables, cut wood, feed chickens, raise fish, and simple ingredients are a gift from nature.

On weekends, children will come here, this is the best resort, and we will be happy when we see them happy.

When we are old, we should have long understood that "do not fight right and wrong with the loved ones" and "respect each other as a guest", this is the reason, so by then, we will cherish each other.

When we are old, we should become very forgetful, and those young people will not remember it. In this landscape, the whole person becomes open.

When we are old, we should be tired of the disputes in this world. The forest hut is our paradise. Most eager for this life, but old.

In fact, people in this life really don't need to worry about it. You can always pursue a car and a house, you can find a person you love, live a simple and happy life.

When we are old, we will return to the mountains and turn the days into poetry!

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