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Benefits of Shipping Container Classrooms

You may already know that shipping containers are recycled and repurposed for a wide variety of commercial and residential needs today. Since they’re made of high-grade, durable steel, they’re commonly used for storage and building needs. In fact, the steel that shipping containers are made out of is so versatile that shipping containers are used to create tons of commercial buildings today. One of these types of buildings is schools and classrooms! Shipping containers can be used to build single classrooms, small schools, or large educational facilities.

Benefits of Shipping Container Classrooms

When it comes to building a school or classroom, there are lots of reasons to choose a shipping container classroom over traditional construction. Take a look at just some of the benefits to learn why so many educational facilities are choosing shipping containers for their classrooms.

Low cost

Low cost is one of the top benefits of shipping container classrooms. Choosing shipping containers to build is a great option for schools on a budget. Additionally, shipping container classrooms give schools the opportunity to redistribute their would-be building budget to other important educational needs. Usually, shipping container construction costs roughly half of what traditional construction costs (depending on the size, condition, and customizations to the shipping container).


Suppliers can easily transport and deliver shipping containers to just about any location. This provides great benefits to schools that need classrooms quickly:

If the school needs extra classrooms quickly, the pre-assembled shipping container can be delivered in no time.

The shipping container classroom can be relocated easily if the school needs to move it or no longer needs it

Keep in mind that you can also rent a shipping container for your classroom and have it delivered.

Durable and Weather-Proof

Shipping containers are made of highly durable, sustainable, weather-proof steel. They can withstand the harshest weather conditions and last you decades (depending on the condition when purchasing). This will allow you to use the shipping container classroom for years to come – often 10-20 years at least.

Stackable and Customizable

Did you know you can stack multiple shipping containers to create a larger building? This is actually quite common with shipping container classrooms and schools. If you need more than one classroom, you can work with a shipping container supplier to stack or combine containers to achieve the square footage you need. In addition, suppliers can help you add the customizations you need to complete your classrooms – such as windows, doors, ramps, stairs, electricity, furniture, and much more.


Shipping containers are one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable building materials. They are recycled intermodal freight containers that were once used to transport cargo overseas. Therefore, when choosing a shipping container classroom you are using sustainable building materials that are already in circulation. In addition, if you no longer need your shipping container classroom it will likely be recyclable again.

Quickly Built

Shipping containers are extremely time-conscious when it comes to construction. They are prefabricated structures that are essentially delivered to your location immediately. If you customize your shipping container classroom, the modification process should only take 4-10 weeks. Compare this to 6 months or more that it would take to build a traditional classroom or school. This can be extremely beneficial for schools that need new or additional classrooms quickly.

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