A Container School "Tailored" for Special Children


At the Paralympic Games held every four years, this spe […]

At the Paralympic Games held every four years, this special group of athletes break through on the arena, and their hard work has shown us that they have the spirit of challenging life and life more than anyone else.

Whether it is acquired or congenital, we should be more tolerant of this group of special groups, understand, mobilize the support of surrounding forces, and safeguard their dignity, rights and happiness. For special groups, especially special children and young people, the state and society should devote more resources to guide them, receive formal education, obtain certain opportunities, resources, and enjoy corresponding rights.

Brazil has set a good example for the world in providing special services to children with special needs. In Rio de Janeiro, social institutions have built a special education school to help 50 special children to study, entertain and live.

The container school is made up of dozens of containers, and the walls are painted in blue, orange and white. The collision of colors presents different geometric figures on the wall. These squares make the whole school more agile and lively, which perfectly fits the characteristics of children. The geometric patterns of blue, orange and white complement each other with the wooden floor and white roof, ensuring the harmony and unity of the volume.

The layout of the entire school is ingenious, forming a circular curve, innovative design, jumping out of traditional thinking, adding aluminum panels on the top of the house, not only shielding the sun, reducing the indoor temperature, the addition of new elements breaks the fixed thinking of container house design, let this The school stands out from many container houses. The open space outside the classroom was opened into a playground and vegetable garden, and a large area of grass reduced the heat around the school.

Here students can study, entertain and live. In addition to basic teaching rooms, the school also has a ballroom and jiu-jitsu room, a computer room, a psychological research room and a director's room, as well as a shared kitchen and barrier-free bathroom. In addition, the benches around the container room, these seemingly inconspicuous facilities, provide students and teachers with convenience.

The care and care for students is reflected in the classroom configuration, facility collocation, and curriculum settings. Perhaps we can find some heartwarming points from this building to help improve the irrationality of certain points in domestic special education schools.

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