22 Containers of Container School Innovative Stacked Campus


Generally speaking, the best way to learn is to apply t […]

Generally speaking, the best way to learn is to apply theory to practice. In order to make this remark, the research institute of a Thai school "smashed the heavy foundation" and turned their research topic into reality, building a special research institute for them with 22 containers, teaching students "what is environmental protection" and building a container school.

This research institute mainly teaches students the importance of upgrading, recycling and sustainable development, tree protection, urban agriculture and waste management. In order to improve the students' learning quality, their research institute made every effort to minimize the impact on the environment during the whole construction process. Starting with a large number of trees, the final design reduces the impact on trees by using skilled crane operators to move the transport containers to locations around the existing landscape.

Once the container has been placed in its intended stacking position, the builder will start cutting some large metal containers to build windows, doors, decks and access to the open platform. The school has classrooms, meeting rooms, kitchens and plenty of outdoor space. During the construction process, they also carefully checked the necessary amount of concrete and adopted a ventilation design to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to further the sustainable design, the cut metal is not wasted, but turned into interior walls, doors, sinks, bathroom compartments, cafes, gym kiosks, etc. The whole campus uses low-energy LED lighting for indoor areas without a lot of natural lighting.

In the building, some spaces such as overhead, balcony and corridor are created by several containers at different angles and heights. Parallel connection, dislocation and diagonal angle of planes create space.

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