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Slovenian steel Building :::

Slovenian steel Building
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Project Time : 2015
Project Location : Slovakia
Project Scale : 2 warehouses, 3780 ㎡ for each
Project Type : steel structure warehouse


Product Description :::

Why Customers Choose PTH


The customer is introduced by word-of-mouth through old customer of PTH, we communicate smoothly and have more trust between each other in advance, so the customer is very confident in PTH




Project Introduction


The size is 82 m *42 m * 8 m, which is used as processing workshop and the intercalation part as offices, also including crane and roof light sheet.




Features and Selling Points


We have a good plan for all of the work including the design, transportation, and on-site construction. We provided a detailed installation drawing of foundation,and put two layers of paint on steel beams, to strengthen the function of anti-rust.




Customer Reviews


The quality, delivery time, service are very satisfying.

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