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Las Vegas Hotel :::

Las Vegas Hotel
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Project time : 2011.05

Project Location : Las Vegas, United States

Category : Hotel

Product type : Light Steel Structure Building


Product Description :::

At present, PTH is composed of five branches including :Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou Furuide Trading Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou Zhongpu Architecture Design Institute Co.,Ltd,Putian Brazil branch ( Brazil Branch is equipped with a factory) Puitan Canada branch.This Las Vegas hotel Project is operated by PTH’s Canada branch, and Mr. Terry Chu from PTH’s Canada branch is the leader of this Las Vegas Hotel Project.



Project Design




FRAME: Light Steel Structure, G550( China Standard, Galvalume Zinc Aluminized)

WALL SYSTEM: PU foamed metal craved board + One-way housewrap + OSB board + light steel sub-keel

+ plaster board (from outside to inside)

ROOF: steel ceiling + light steel sub-keel + one-way housewrap + glass wool + OSB board + colored steel

sheet( from inside to outside)

DECK FLOOR BOARD: light steel mezzanine structure beam + fiber cement board






Manufacturing Process



The structure of this hotel project is light steel structure, all the light steel keel is made by PTH. In order to ensure the quality, our machine is imported from New Zealand and we use the FRAMECAD software from Australia, meanwhile, all of the light steel structure is galvalume zinc aluminized.




On Site Installation





In order to arrange the successful installation, PTH sent to two experienced and skilled engineers to guide the installation. Meanwhile, installation drawings and pictures is provided, and there is number on each keel which is helpful for the installation.











The hotel is successfully installed and putted into use for several years. According to the client’s,feedback,they are satisfied with the this hotel and the hotel is in good condition.

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