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Philippines Temporary Office :::

Philippines Temporary Office
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Product type : Double-C structure+ C-type purlins

Project Location :Philippines

Usage :Temporary Office

Project Size : Building area 1462 ㎡


Product Description :::

Product Description:

This building locates in Philippines ,used as temporary office. Adopt with cold-formed thin-walled steel frame + rock wool sandwich panel. Product area 1464m2(outer line of the outside wall), overhung eave is 0.3m(calculated based on outer line of the outside wall) ,roof slope 18degree.


The overall frame:

the frame is   cold-rolled  thin-walled steel frame (200x90x35x2.5mm) + C-type purlins  ( galvanized steel sheet.   Q345), and the surface is hot-dip galvanized  275g/m2. No paint is needed.







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