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Product type : Container house

Usage : Dormitory living+training school

Destination : Philippines


Product Description :::

Product typeContainer house
UsageDormitory living+training school
Deal time2016
Project scale72 units 20’ container houses+1 unit 8’ container house
Project review

 Container house type:6058×2438×2791mm,  72 units2 floors with steel stairs


Project characteristics:


1. Fireproofing is more than half an hour, and its insulation performance is superior.


2.For the location of the rain is more, the collection and processing of rainwater is comprehensively designed, and the key is waterproof and leak prevention.


3. The construction of pipeline wells and indoor sound insulation, indoor waste water collection and processing for irrigation, sewage into septic tank centralized treatment.


4.According to the actual situation of the hotel, the integrated design of the strong and weak power system is carried out.


Effect diagram:


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