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Canada Container House :::

Canada Container House
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Project time : 2014
Project Location : Canada
Category : resort cottage near lake
Product type : CSA standard 7*20ft Container house+multi-hip type roof


Product Description :::

7*20ft container combined as one building, contains 3bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1bathroom, 1living room.
Wall panel: 100mmPU sandwich panel+ steel keel+27mm PU embossed sandwich panel
Floor: 100PU insulation+fiber cement board+laminate wood floor
Window: double glazed
Door: Insulated steel door
Electricity and plumbing: CSA standard

Design Criteria
Wind load: q=0.55kpa
Floor live load: 4.8kpa
Roof live load:2.0kpa
Seismic load: Rd=1.5 Ro=1.3
CAS A277-08 procedure certification of buildings

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